Warehouse & Logistics

Hazardous Goods Storage & Handling Compliance in JVK Cosmetics LDA Chain

Often, Health and Beauty Products Require Specialized Storage and Handling Permits to Comply With Local, State, and Federal Regulations Related to Aerosol and Alcohol-based Health and Beauty Products.

Our Warehouse Has Esfr and in-rack Sprinkler Systems, Physical Cages for Aerosol-based Products, and Specialized Training for Staff to Properly Handle and Package Hazardous or Ormd Items.

Warehouse Management and Parcel Management Systems Accurately Identify Hazardous Goods and Have the Internal Logic to Determine Which Items Cannot Ship Together in the Same Box, Which Dot Compliant Labeling is Required and the Best Class of Freight Service for the Goods Contained Within an Order Containing Restricted Items.

Easing Warehouse Worries

Warehouse Management is Another Important Aspect of the Cosmetics and Skin Care Industry, as Some Products Are Perishable or Need Refrigeration. The Industry is Also Heavily Regulated, and 3pls Need Certain Licenses to Handle Products.

In Some Cases, Pharmacists Are Enlisted to Ensure Compliance. For Example, JVK Cosmetics LDA Employs an on-site Pharmacist Within Its Warehousing Operations to Oversee Processes Such as Product Shelf-life, Health Conditions, Hygiene, and Packaging That Ensure Regulatory Compliance.

Getting a Stream Treatment

Health and Beauty Care Products Are Often Sold In a Variety of Retail Streams. Larger Companies Frequently Target Four Markets: Consumer Products to Mass Retailers and Chain Drugstores; Beauty Supplies to Salons and Professional Product Groups; Luxury Brands to Department Stores and Boutiques; and Dermatological Products Through Dermatologists.

While Large Wholesalers Often Look for Less-than-truckload and Truckload Deliveries, Smaller Buyers May Rely Instead on Parcel and Expedited Shipments.

Different Mass Retailers Also Often Necessitate Different Packaging. In a Large Retail or Chain Drugstore, Packaging is Critical to Helping a Product Stand Out. Various Packaging Shapes and Sizes Are the Norms—sometimes Even for the Same Product in Our Company.

“Cosmetics Companies Working With the Mass Marketing Channel Might Need to Package a Product in a Three-pack or a Two-pack.

Some Cosmetics Companies Achieve This Result by Using 3pls Implement Packaging Postponement Strategies.

Postponement Allows Companies to Package Items Closer to Demand, and That Can Also Include Specialized Displays and Promotional Features.

Promotions Are Critical in the Beauty Industry, So JVK Cosmetics LDA Are Paying More Attention to How They Can Accomplish Those Initiatives Affordably.